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Haunted House

$20.00 $15.99

This Haunted House is laser cut, resulting in sharp, crisp lines and fine details.  

This craft comes unfinished, so you can paint or modpodge scrapbook paper on to it to finish how you would like.  We embellished glitter for a cute sparkly touch :)

The wooden shape cut with the laser is 1/4" birch, so this wood can be stained or painted.  The laser cut edge has a nice, burnt finish.

The wooden plaque is MDF, the laser cut shape is birch.

Overall size is about 10" tall x 11" wide
Completed craft is nearly 1 1/2" thick

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • unfinished wooden 11x10 board (MDF)
  • unfinished, laser cut haunted house (birch)
Quantity :
Total With Options: $15.99

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