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About Us

Hi!  I'm Janae Anderson.  My husband, Jay, and I have been happily married for 16 years and are the parents of 6 busy little kids ranging in age from 5 to 14. 

We are the owners of Thoughts in Vinyl.

Prior to working at Thoughts in Vinyl, Jay had been installing flooring his entire life (haha...not really his entire life, he starting going to work with his dad doing tile when he was 12, so for him it seems like FOREVER).  In the middle of 2016 he laid his last piece of flooring and hasn't looked back since.  He now works full time with Thoughts in Vinyl, and Janae LOVES having him at work with her every single day.   It's almost like we are on one big long date...but with work :)

Thoughts in Vinyl began in 2006 when Jay encouraged me to buy a vinyl machine.  I quickly agreed thinking it would be fun to use for my own personal things...little did I know Jay had different plans in mind :)  He encouraged me to get out of my "bubble" and so I began doing in home vinyl lettering parties.  Vinyl lettering parties turned in to craft nights....and then it turned into an online business in 2007. 

Several years ago, Jay decided to add a BIG machine to the shop...something other than a saw or a sander.  He bought a  machine that cuts out wooden letters and shapes.  This turned out to be Janae's favorite machine too!  We now have multiple machines running at once to keep up with the demand for our cute letter sets and shapes.

We now have a handful of wonderful employees that help make our business run smoothly.  It is fun to see a little idea turn into a fun and successful business!  We are so grateful to all our customers...both old and new!!  Thank you for helping our business continue to grow!

Please let me know if you have any questions!