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Kitchen Tablet Holder

$24.00 $18.99

This darling DIY tablet holder comes unfinished. You can paint it any color to match your kitchen decor. This tablet holder is a great way to cook using recipes you have found online on on Pintrest. You tablet will be upright and at an arms reach as you cook. The design of the tablet holder will fit in to most kitchen decor. It is shapped like a cutting board to add a little bit of fun to this functional holder. The tablet holder is shipped as three seperate pieces, so it will be less likely to break during shipping. It is quick and easy to put together. You can glue it with wood glue. A trick we have learned over the years, is if you use a little bit of hot glue and wood glue together. The hot glue will hold the pieces together while the wood glue dries. The wood glue is more durable and suitable for gluing wood pieces together.

Wood is MDF.

The tablet holder stands 14" tall and is 8 1/4" wide.

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • three unfinished wooden pieces to make the tablet holder as pictured
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