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The craft is cute and uplifting! The best part is that you can make it fit your own decor! Simply paint or apply scrapbook paper...either way it will be cute. The board has a grooved detail cut into it so it looks like three seperate blocks stacked on top of each other, but it is one large block. Snag up an extra set or two for wedding or birthday gifts.

Wood is MDF.

Overall board is 6 3/4" tall x 9" wide.

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • wooden block (with gooved detail cut into the wood) 
  • vinyl lettering (White vinyl for the large words and black vinyl for the smaller words- as pictured)

Optional Paper Kit:

  • We have adorable paper to offer for this kit!  Browse around our website, if you like the papers we choose for our crafts, then you will like the paper we will pick for yours :)   It won't be as pictured, but will still be cute!  
  • The paper kit includes ONLY paper.  Embellishments of any type are not included (such as ribbon, jute, beads/jewels, flowers, leaves, tags, etc.).  
  • The paper is cut large enough for each wooden shape/letter, but you will need to trace your wooden pieces onto the paper and cut them out. 
  • If duplicate paper kits are needed, you may receive different paper in each kit.
  • View our video tutorial here titled, "Paper Kit Tips: Watch before you get started" 
Do you want the paper kit for this craft?    
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