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Subway Art

CK163 {Winter}
$19.00 $14.99

For this project, the vinyl is used as a stencil. Once you have painted the board, you place the vinyl stencil on top and then paint over the stencil. Once the words are all painted in the color of your choice, then you remove the stencil leaving behind the painted words for a hand painted finish.

Overall size is 12x12.

To make your blocks reversible:

make sure to order only ONE board and two vinyl layouts (from the CK163 series found here). You will be asked if you want to include the unfinished board with your purchase, and on one item say yes and on one item say no. That way you get two vinyl stencils and one board.

Unfinished Vinyl Craft Kit Includes:

  • one unfinished board
  • vinyl stencil

Each craft kits comes with instructions.

A wooden stand to sit your board in is available for an additional $3 (it works like an easel).

Do you need the unfinished board?    
Do you need an unfinished wood stand?    
Quantity :
Total With Options: $14.99

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