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Wooden hearts (set of 3)

$13.00 $8.99

These hearts come unfinished.  They are easy to paint, making finishing them a breeze.  We painted our hearts and then lightly sanded them to give them a worn look.

They come as a set of three.  The set includes 3 different shaped hearts.

You can drill a hole in them so they can hang from a nail, or be strung on bakers twine or fishing line.  They would also be cute added to a wreath.

Each heart is cut from MDF.

Unfinished Kit Includes:

  • set of three hearts

Three size options to choose from

  • THREE small hearts (each heart is roughly 4" wide x 3 1/2" tall) $7.99
  • THREE medium hearts (each heart is roughly 6" wide x 4 3/4" tall) $11.99
  • THREE large hearts (each heart is roughly 8" wide x 7" tall) $14.99

Quantity :
Total With Options: $8.99

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