St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and some everyday ones too!

We have lots of fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts to share this month.

All of them can be purchased in our shop here.

These fun seasonal blocks were introduced last month and this month we added in two more cute layouts!

They have been a great seller.  We are excited to continue adding to them as the new holidays get closer.

Mini Seasonal Blocks

{Item # CK373 CLOVER}

 {Item # CK373 EASTER}


SALE PRICE: $10.00  {Regular Price:$13.00}





You will be able to finish this craft with your own personality! Paint or modpodge scrapbook paper onto it to fit in with your own style and taste.

You have the option to purchase the wooden blocks with this craft.  If purchased, the blocks come unfinished.  

To make your blocks reversible:

make sure to order only ONE set of blocks and two vinyl layouts (from the CK373 series, pictured below in the related products).  You will be asked if you want to include the unfinished blocks with your purchase, and on one item say yes and on one item say no.  That way you get two vinyl layouts and one set of blocks.

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Easter Order Now

Mini Reversible Leprechaun / Uncle Sam

{Item # CK374}

SALE PRICE: $12.75 {Regular Price: $17.50}

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I love how this next craft turned out.  It love the added texture and depth that you get with the added board…and from a crafters point of view, it helps to make the craft.  It makes it really easy to switch out scrapbook paper and cover the seams with the board, or it would work if you opted to paint the wood too 🙂

Shamrocks {layered plaque}

{Item # CK375}

SALE PRICE: $8.50  {Regular Price: $12.75}

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These fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts both say the same thing, but in a different way.

The first one…

Lucky to have U

{Item # CK376}

SALE PRICE: $7.25  {Regular Price: $9.25}

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and the second one is a bit smaller…


Lucky to have you

{Item # CK377}

SALE PRICE: $5.20  {Regular Price: $6.50}

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These cute little trio blocks are sure to brighten up any St. Patty’s display.  They are so quick to put together too (like most of our crafts)

Lucky in Love trio blocks

{Item # CK378}

SALE PRICE: $8.00  


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We also put together a few more monograms.  Monograms always are a quick go to gifts.  Quick. Easy. & Personalized.  🙂

They  are also a great way to personalize your own space.  These new monograms might be my favorites so far.

Elegant Monogram {for 8×10 frame}

{Item # CK379}
SALE PRICE: $12.00  {Regular Price: $17.00}

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Trendy Monogram {for 11×14 frame}

{Item # CK380}

SALE PRICE: $12.00  {Regular Price: $17.00}

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Message within a Message.  How perfect is this?!

This is made to fit an 11×14 frame.

Be the Good

{Item # CK382}


SALE PRICE: $14.00

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These next layouts are all made to fit 8×10 frames, or you can opt to order an unfinished wooden board and paint or modpodge it and then apply the vinyl lettering.

I love you to the moon & back

{Item # CK381}

SALE PRICE: $8.50  {Regular Price: $12.50}

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Skies are gray

{Item # CK384}


SALE PRICE: $8.50  {Regular Price: $12.50}

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be so happy

{Item # CK385}


SALE PRICE: $8.50  {Regular Price: $13.00}

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I’m Lucky…

{Item # CK383}


SALE PRICE: $9.50  {Regular Price: $14.00}

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Enjoy 😉