The wooden board is not included.

We are certain you’ll love this DIY interchangealbe Front Porch Sign Kit. The wooden WELCOME letters are laser cut from birch hard wood, so they will stand up great outside. We spray painted our wooden letters with white spray paint. (Rustoleum spray paint is my favorite brand. It has great coverage.)

The WELCOME letter kit includes the letters WELC ME and a metal strip. As shown here

You will need to cut your own board to glue the letters too. You can pick up a board at your local lumber store. We got ours at Home Depot. You will need to buy a 1×12 or a 2×12, and then cut it down so it is 60″ tall. The lumber size is already the correct width, so it will end up 11×60.

After your letters are spray painted, then you will glue them to your board. Each of our craft kits come with an instruction sheet. The instruction sheet for this craft has a diagram showing how to layout your letters, to ensure your opening for the “O” inserts is the correct size.

We offer this glue on our website that works great. It is fast drying and has a strong hold.

Next, you can paint your “O” shapes. We currently have 25 inserts to pick from and we will be adding more and more each month, so this # will continue to increase 🙂

Click here to view all our inserts for this craft

You can spray paint your shapes, or use craft paint. I opted to use craft paint on all of the shapes we painted. I applied it with a 1″ foam brush.

After all your pieces are painted, you will need to glue them together.

Next, you will glue the magnets to the back of your shapes. We include magnets with each kit, and the instruction sheets included with your kit will give you some tips on how to know where to glue your magnets on the back of your inserts.

We have several of our “O” inserts pictured below.

We also offer a package deal, you get the WELCOME letter kit (WELC ME and metal strip) plus 12 “O” inserts at a savings of $7.99

You can view the package deal here

If you want to save more money, do this craft with a friend, or a group of friends and sign up for our craft group discount program found here.