Wood Reindeer Popcorn Holder…Perfect Neighbor Christmas Gift

CK838-popcorn-reindeerDo you have a hard time finding an inexpensive, but still cute, gift for your neighbors?!  I do too.  But last year while deciding what to give, I had a great idea!!  Popcorn is super inexpensive,  so that was what I wanted to give (to over 50 neighbors!), but I needed it to be cute…after all they know I’m crafty.  So I designed this fun and simple reindeer popcorn holder.  I didn’t even paint or stain it.  I just slid it right over the bag of popcorn and tied some ribbon and bakers twine around them.

All the reasons this was perfect

  • fast
  • inexpensive
  • cute
  • crafty
  • easy (we even have a free printable to go with it!)

The printable can be down loaded here, for a jump start on your gift.  It is also included as an attachment to your invoice when you order these cute Reindeer Popcorn Holders




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