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Creative unfinished craft kits. Many are reversible.

More Wooden Easter Crafts

undefinedWooden Easter Bunny & Carrot Blocks

Item # CK871

Sale Price $16.00


This bright and cheerful Easter Block set features adorable laser cut carrots and an Easter Bunny!  The Easter letters are also laser cut.  This craftwill make your Easter decorating so much fun!


Wooden Bunny Trioundefined

Item # CK869

Sale Price $13.99



This simple bunny trio is quick and easy to finish up, whether you choose to paint or modpodge scrap book paper onto them.  Then simply sand the edges and add some fun embelishments and you have an adorable little bunny family ready for Easter!



Easter Farmhouse Boardundefined

Item # CK868

Sale Price $14.49



Farmhouse decor is so trendy and fun right now, why not add a little farmhouse decor to your Easter decorating this year?  This Easter board features laser cut letters and flowers.  So pretty!



undefinedWooden Flower Basket

Item # CK867

Sale Price $12.99


This beautiful basket is full of spring flowers to celebrate your the Spring season and Easter holiday.  We actually weaved paper and modpodged it onto the wooden basket.  The weave adds fun texture.


Hangin’ With My Peeps undefined

Item # CK866

Sale Price $12.00


Peeps and Easter go are a classic combination!  Make this craft with friends or family for even more Easter fun!


undefinedInterchangeable Farmhouse Truck (Easter Time)

Item # CK860

Truck Sale Price $22.99

Easter Time Insert Sale Price $7.50


This big wood farm house truck is perfect fot the super trendy farmhouse style.  There are 12 different interchangeable inserts availabel so you can have this truck up all year round!  Just simply switch out the magnetic inserts each month so your truck is current with the seasons and holidays.  So much fun!



Wooden Easter Crafts

Wooden Bunny Set Item#CK735 $15.00 This adorable Easter craft comes unfinished so you can decorate it the colors you choose. Each bunny has a grooved detaul for the stockings. The girl bunny comes with a thin wooden heart and the boy comes with thin wooden overalls.   Hop into Easter {BUNNY} Item#CK745 $22.00 This Easter… Read More »

Interchangeable Farm House Truck

Interchangeable Farmhouse Truck Item #CK860 Truck Sale Price $22.99 Interchangeable Inserts Sale Price $7.50 We are so excited to introduce this new interchageable craft!   We have interchangeable inserts for every season and major holiday soou can have this truck up year round!  You are going to love this!  This craft comes unfinished so you can… Read More »

Wooden Easter Basket Craft

Wooden Easter Basket of Fun Item # CK737 Sale Price $12.99 This Easter basket is just full of fun!  With it’s brightly colored eggs nestled in the grass and the adorable carrot, you can’t help but want to add this to your Easter decor!  This craft comes unfinished and can easily be painted to add… Read More »

Wooden Bunny Craft

Wooden Bunny Set Item # CK735 Sale Price $16.00   This wooden bunny set is absolutely adorable!  This adorable little boy and girl bunny will put a hop in your step for Easter crafting.  They come unfinished so you can decorate them in the colors you choose and embellish them to your heart’s content.  The… Read More »

Interchangeable Wooden Welcome Letters

Interchangeable Welcome Letters Item # CK417 WELC ME Letters Sale Price $32.00 Interchangeable Inserts Sale Price $7.50 We are s excited to introduce our new interchangeable Welcome Letters!  This adorable craft is so much fun to have in your home!  We have over 60 interchangeable inserts for you to choose from.  Pick your favorites to… Read More »

Wood Easter Crafts

Wooden Easter Bunny Letters Item # CK668 Sale Price $16.00 These darling wooden letters come unfinished and ready for your creativity. Decorate them with paint or scrapbook paper and modpodge. Then you can embellish them to make them over the top adorable!  When we added the bunny nose, we opted to cut it out of… Read More »

Easter Crafts

Happy Easter Item # CK596 Sale Price $15.00 These darling wooden letters come unfinished and ready for your creativity. Decorate them with paint or scrapbook paper and modpodge. Then you can embellish them to make them over the top adorable! We added a cute fluffy bunny tail! These would be so much fun to do with… Read More »

Easter Crafts

Easter Letters {Item # CK389} SALE PRICE: $16.00 Order Now Paint the letters or modpodge them with some colorful scrapbook paper. So much fun and so adorable!  Wooden Easter Egg {Item # CK288} SALE PRICE: $8.00 Order Now This adorable Easter egg is covered in beadboard for a fun layer of texture. You can simply paint the… Read More »