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Fall and Back 2 School Crafts

So, I wish I had some fabulous summer stories to tell, but I don’t.  Generally things slow down a bit in the summer, but we have been busier than ever!  It is great and so humbling to have so much support from all of you.


Don’t forget if you haven’t checked out our Craft Group Program…go and take a peek here!  Just last month we made some changes there so your rewards will be even better!


Here are some of the new crafts we have been working on.

I just posted about this fun new photo stand the other day, but in case you missed it here are the details…

Picture Perfect Rotating Photo Stand

This photo stand turned out so cute!  I love to see all my sweet little kids smiling faces!

Don’t you just love looking through pictures and remembering all the fun moments that were “frozen” in that single photograph?! This rotating photo stand is such a darling way to display some of those memories for everyone to enjoy.

Each picture block can be spun around independently from each other. The stand can display six pictures. Simply paint the blocks or apply some fun decorative paper and then modpodge some fun group pictures or individual portraits of your favorite people on each side of the wooden blocks. Then enjoy!

The photo stand sits 3.5″ wide and stands 12.5″ tall.

The top and bottom photo blocks are 2.5″ squares and the middle photo block is 2.5″ x 3.5″.  Wood is MDF.

Unfinished Photo Stand Project Includes:

  • three photo blocks
  • one dowel
  • three small round balls
  • one large round ball
  • one base

 Click Here to Order

Picture Perfect Rotating Photo Stand

{Item # CK322}

Regular Price: $19.95



Reversible Harvest Time & Back to School Plaque

This fun reversible craft turned out cute too.  Just in time for school to start up again (bummer…I think I like summer break just as much as my school age kids)

Back to School is on one side, and then Harvest Time is on the reverse side.  I love reversible crafts!  First you get two things for the price of one, and second, it totally cuts down on storage space 🙂

You will be able to finish this craft with your own personality! Paint or modpodge scrapbook paper onto it to fit in with your own style and taste.

Unfinished Craft Project Includes:

  • 12×8 unfinished board
  • brick red vinyl “Harvest Time” and “Back 2 School”
  • and your choice of vinyl color for the remaining words


To Order Click Here

Reversible Harvest Time / Back 2 School

{Item # CK328}

Regular Price: $16.50


You can purchase an unfinished wooden stand (as shown in the pictures) to sit your board in too. . . much cheaper than an easel and works with several of our other crafts!

I wanted to throw in one more Back 2 School Project to our mix of current School Related items we already have here.

I just love this cute little owl and wanted to incorporate him into another Back 2 School craft.

Back 2 School Seasonal Plaque

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • 1 unfinished board (6″ x 7″)
  • and vinyl lettering
Simply paint it up or modpodge some cute scrapbook paper onto it.  Quick and Simple.
 An unfinished wooden stand can be purchased for an additional $3.
There are several fun layouts that you can order to put on the back side of this board too!
Click on item below to see pictures of layouts that you can put on the reverse side of this board (when you are asked if you want to include the 6×7 board, just make sure you only include it with one layout, that way you can order two different vinyl layouts and only one board.  Then make it reversible.)

You have the option to not purchase the 6 x 7 board, and the price of the board will be deducted from the total.

Below is the new Autumn layout

Click here to order  Back 2 School

{Item # CK326}



Click here to order  Autumn Leaves

{Item # CK327}


We have also put together two fun new subway art layouts too!

The first one is a fun subway art for your Bathroom

The other day while I was at the eye doctor, we were talking about our kids.  He has 2 boys and 5 girls and I have 2 boys and 4 girls.  We were saying how different boys are girls are from day one.

This bathroom subway art further proves my point.  I am constantly reminding my oldest (he is 10) to wash his hand, and then I have to remind him to use soap… SERIOUSLY, isn’t that just understood?!  The sad thing is when he takes a shower he has to be reminded to wash his hair.  He can spend 30 minutes in the shower and come out with dry hair!  They eye doctor just laughed and said his to grown sons were the exact same.

Then there is my girls…they can use an entire bottle of soap in one bath.  Which I am sad to say this has happened…once or twice or three times.  Remind me not to step out of the bathroom for more than 2 seconds!

So the new plan is to make sure that my son reads over this subway art before exiting the bathroom.  Then maybe when my baby boy is old enough he will have it down to a science because he will have seen his brother exhibit perfect bathroom behavior…haha!  I can dream right?!

Bathroom Rules Subway Art

{Item # CK329}

Regular Price: $24.00


Liven up your bathroom, and at the same time, remind your children the “Bathroom Rules”

Unfinished Kit Includes:

  • 12×19 board
  • vinyl lettering

To order click here

The other subway art I have seen all over the internet in different layouts.  I love this song…and I love yellow.  Both of them are bright and cheerful!

You are my SUNSHINE subway art

{Item # CK325}

Regular Price: $11.50


You can paint your board and apply the vinyl and be done…or you can paint do what I did.  I painted the board white, then applied my vinyl, then I painted on a few LIGHT coats of paint on top of the white board and vinyl.  Once the paint is dry you can peel off the vinyl lettering leaving behind a hand painted look.  I sanded the board to give it a more primitive look.  See the picture below for some step by step pictures of how it was done.


Unfinished Craft Project Includes:

  • one 12×8 unfinished board
  • vinyl lettering

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These last two crafts are for the interchangeable magnetic wreath found here


Wooden Watermelon for Interchangeable Wreath

{Item # CK323}

This cute watermelon can be purchased here

To hold up to weather, the entire watermelon is painted.  But don’t worry…we include a stencil for you to use so you will have nice crisp lines and painting will be a breeze.
Simply paint the watermelon pink/red, then apply the vinyl stencil.  Paint the outside of the watermelon that isn’t cover by the stencil green.  The stencil has little seed cut outs in it that you will paint black.  Then remove the vinyl stencil, and sand the edges for a worn look.  See the pictures below…

Wooden Apple for Interchangeable Wreath

{Item # CK324}

To order click here