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20% off everything…& our new craft kits are here!!

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We have some exciting news….we are having a HUGE sale!!!

These new crafts are quite a bit different than ones I have done in the past.  I didn’t pull out my modpogde on any of them!  I just used paint, and I love how they turned out!!

Sometimes it is just fun to do something a little different than normal.

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We just barely finished up this cute little wreath just in time to include in this post!


This wooden wreath has a piece of metal behind it, so all the center pieces can be easily changed out each month.   For the next year we will have a new center piece available almost every month!  So once you make the investment for this wreath, then the little center piece will just be a small purchase each month…it will be a fun little craft project to look forward too.

I decorated my wreath with some bunting in the upper right hand corner.  This could be made with scrapbook paper if you will display your wreath indoors or if you have a covered porch that will protect it from the weather, or if you don’t have a cover porch, then you could make it out of material.

I thought that gave the wreath some color and finished it off.  I made the simple little bunting with some scraps and jute and a hot glue gun…in about 4 minutes.  It really was so quick!

I finished off the kite with some jute for the kite string and tied little knots on the string with red ribbon.

Another thing that could be done with this magnetic wreath is you could write a note (and stick it to the metal with a magnet) for your kids if you stepped out, or leave a note for the neighbor if you missed them.  Then when you get back, simply put your center piece back onto the  wreath and you are good to go!

Wooden Magnetic Wreath

{Item # CK309}

Only $14.40  {with the 20% off sale}

Click here to order the magnetic wreath


{Item # CK310}

Only $5.20  {with the 20% off sale}

Click here to order the kite

Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is my favorite

{Item # CK302}

Only $8.80 {with the 20% off sale}

Click here to buy this cute unfinished craft project

Craft Project includes:

  • 1 – 12×8 unfinished board
  • Vinyl
  • Instructions

This cute saying would be so perfect sitting on the night stand next to your bed or hanging beside your wedding or family pictures.  My husband and I still talk about our love story all the time!   Our love story could be an entire post just by itself…which I am sure everyone’s love story could be!  What a fun reminder of wonderful that time in your life was.


Be You tiful

{Item # CK303}

Only $8.80  {with the 20% off sale}

Click here to buy this cute vinyl craft project

Craft Project Includes:

  • 1 – 12×8 unfinished board
  • Vinyl
  • Instructions

I love this!  What a great reminder to each of us that being yourself is beautiful.  This would be perfect hanging in an entry way, family room, bedroom {great for teenagers too} or even a bathroom.

We have a fun new style of board…called Quad Squares.  We have a few layouts to offer this month and each month as we introduce our new craft kits, we will offer another fun new layout!  These are quick to paint or modpodge and make a perfect little addition to any spot in your house.

Family Quad Squares

Only $8  {with the 20% off sale}

{Item # CK305}

Click here to order your personalized family quad block

Craft Project includes:

  • 1 – 8×8 quad board
  • Vinyl
  • Instructions



Spring Quad Squares

{Item # CK307}

Only $7.20  {with the 20% off sale}

Click here to order your craft kit

Craft Project includes:

  • 1 – 8×8 quad board
  • Vinyl
  • Instructions

Dad {or Grandpa} Quad Squares

{Item # CK 306}

Only $7.20  {with the 20% off sale}

Craft Project Includes:
  • 1 – 8×8 quad board
  • Vinyl {pick Dad or Grandpa}
  • Instructions
Do you need a few more Father’s Day gift ideas?
What about this fun little subway art?!
You get to pick which layout you want…either Dad or Grandpa.
Wouldn’t this be such a fun gift?!  He could set it in his office at work or at home or even in the family room.

Father’s Day Subway Art

{Item # CK304}

Only $8.80  {with the 20% off sale}

To order your craft project click here

Subway Art Craft Project includes:

  • 1 – 12×8 unfinished board
  • Vinyl (Dad or Grandpa layout)
  • Instructions



To view other fun Father’s Day

craft projects, click here


We also did this fun little count down board too!

{Days Until} Chalkboard Countdown

{Item # CK308}

Only $6  {with the 20% off sale}

Click here to buy this unfinished chalkboard countdown

Craft Project includes:

  • {Days Until} vinyl decal
  • 1 – 3×12 unfinished board
  • instructions

This fun board can countdown to anything…birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Vacation, day left of school…

You simply paint your board with chalk board paint and then write on it with simple classroom chalk.

The possibilities are endless!

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