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New Craft Kits…lots of watermelons

Not only is watermelon such a refreshing summer treat, but it also makes a super cute decoration!
This watermelon set looks so good on their own, or
 you can sit it next to another craft for a big impact
Watermelon Set
Item # CK208
I love the layering effect of the two different pieces of wood and the additional little touch of the watermelon seeds at the bottom.  These make me smile every time I see them sitting on my shelf.
Kit Includes:
2 watermelon cutouts (one large and one small)
2 thin boards that you layer on top of the watermelon (the red center of the melon)
2 sets of black vinyl seeds
Instruction Sheet
Kit Price:
On sale for Only $10 for the set
(Sale ends 8-20-11)
To Order:
As I said watermelons inspired me for this months crafts, so the plaque for this month is a super cute watermelon!
This kit includes one piece of wood for the watermelon.  The center of the melon will come as a piece of red vinyl.  You can choose to place the vinyl directly on the wooden shape, or if you choose to do it as pictured above, then you will need to place the vinyl on the back side of a piece of red scrapbook paper and then simply cut it out and modpodge it onto the wooden watermelon.
This plaque can be reversible simply by doing a previous month or a future month’s wooden shape and vinyl on the reverse side.
The wooden stand is sold separately.
If you have purchase a previous month’s plaque and don’t need the 9×6 board, then you can opt to not purchase it.
If you need to buy the 9×6 board, then it is only $1.
You also have the option to purchase the wooden stand this plaque sits in for $3.
You can use this stand all year long as we will offer a new plaque almost every month.
Kit Price:
$7.75 without 9×6 board
$8.75 with 9×6 board
{regular price is $11.25 with the board and $10.25 without–on sale thru Aug 20, 2011}
*Add $3 if you want to purchase the unfinished wooden stand*
Kit includes:
unfinished wooden watermelon shape
red vinyl watermelon center
black vinyl watermelon seeds
“Lazy Summer Days” vinyl lettering in your color choice
{black, white, cream or chocolate brown}
instruction sheet
Additional Items included if purchased:
unfinished 9×6 board — $1
unfinished wooden stand — $3
To Order:

I am really excited about this next craft…the wheels in my head are just spinning with ideas for future months!
The board used to make this craft has grooves cut into it to make it appear as separate blocks stacked on top of one another.
I love the detail you get from this type of board.
Over all size is 5″ x 12″
Summer Grooved Board
Item # CK207
(watermelon set sold separately Item # CK208)
I simply painted all the grooves black and the cut the scrapbook paper to fit the “blocks” and then sanded the edges.
Kit Includes:
Grooved board
Vinyl in your color choice
(black, white, chocolate brown or cream)
Instruction Sheet
Kit Price:
On sale for just $12
Sale ends 8-20-11, regular price is $15
To Order:
This next craft is reversible, and was actually introduced to our product line last summer, but it is so fun and cute we are offering it at it’s original sale price again!
 The first side says “Picnics” and a super cute watermelon sits on top of the block. The watermelon comes with two pieces of wood. I modpodged scrapbook paper on the larger piece of wood, then I painted the top piece red, sanded it, and glued it to the other board. The top board is bead board, so it has the cute little grooves cut into it to give it more detail.
Then after summer is over you flip the blocks around and it says “Harvest” and you sit a cute little crow on top of the blocks.
The crow comes with 2 nails for the eyes and orange vinyl for the beak. I put my vinyl on the back side of some cute orange plaid scrapbook paper and then cut it out and modpodged it on, so my crow’s beak had a little bit more detail. (You could use just the vinyl though and skip that step.)
Over all size is 12″ x 7″
Picnics / Harvest Reversible Set
Item # CK183
Kit Price:  Only $15
(sales ends Aug 20, 2011 — regular price is $19)
Kit includes:
-Picnic and Harvest vinyl (your choice of black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
-orange vinyl beak
-unfinished blocks for the words Picnic and Harvest
-unfinished wooden crow/watermelon  cutout
-unfinished bead board watermelon center
-2 nails for the crows eyes
-instruction sheet
To Order: