July Craft Kit {so cute!!}

The month of June didn’t go quite as I had planned.  Our newest arrival to our family came three weeks early by c-section.  She is such a sweet baby and we are glad she arrived safely!  I did however get the July craft done the morning before she was born {thank goodness!} and I am so excited on how it turned out.
The blocks are double sided.  The first side says “Picnics” and a super cute watermelon sits on top of the block.   The watermelon comes with two pieces of wood.  I modpodged scrapbook paper on the larger piece of wood, then I painted the top piece red, sanded it, and glued it to the other board.  The top board is actually beadboard, so it has the cute little grooves cut into it to give it more detail.  I also modpodged scrapbook paper on the the Picnic blocks as well…it is just so much quicker {and cuter} than painting in my opinion.
Over all size is 12″ x 7″
Then after summer is over you flip the blocks around and it says “Harvest” and you sit a cute little crow on top of the blocks.  The crow comes with 2 nails for the eyes and orange vinyl for the beak and feet.   I put my vinyl on the back side of some cute orange plaid scrapbook paper and then cut it out and modpodged it on, so my crow’s beak and feet had a little bit more detail.   (You could use just the vinyl though and skip that step.)
Over all size is 12″ x 9″
I think for summer you could even set the little crow by the Picnic blocks and it looks super cute too.  That way you don’t have to put your cute little bird away while you are waiting for fall to come around.
The best part is that this craft kit is on sale through the end of July for 20% off.
Kit Price is just $15
(sales ends July 31, 2010 — regular price is $19)
Kit includes:
-Picnic and Harvest vinyl (your choice of black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
-orange vinyl for the beak and feet
-unfinished blocks for the words Picnic and Harvest
-unfinished wooden crow cutout
-unfinished wooden watermelon cutout (two parts)
-2 nails for the crows eyes
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