August Monthly Crafts {Fall Seasonal Cubes and Monograms}

This month there are two different crafts.  One is a seasonal craft and the other is a fun little craft to personalize your kids rooms.
The first craft is another Seasonal Cube Set
Fall starts September 22.  Can you believe that?!  It will be here before we know it.  Just yesterday I found myself questioning my husband why summer doesn’t last longer…
These seasonal cubes are made out of three separate cubes.  You utilize all 6 sides of each cube to create these fun little blocks that rotate to form a decoration for three different seasons/holidays.
These seasonal cubes are for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving.
This craft would work well for groups, such as super saturday, enrichment activity, or even just a fun girls night out.
The first side is for  Fall
I love the cute little black bird sitting on top of the tree…too cute!
The second side is for Halloween
(I love decorating for Halloween and can’t wait for next months fun Halloween vinyl crafts!)
I love the fun eyes peeking out from the word “BOO” and the haunted house.
The last side is for Thanksgiving
I love the fonts used on this side too.
Over all size is about 4″ by 12″
To make these you simply paint the edges of your blocks and then modpodge your scrapbook paper onto all 6 sides of each block and apply your vinyl.  I love using scrapbook paper for all the fun color and patterns it comes in.  It is so fun to make these crafts with a group of people and see how different each craft turns out because of the different papers we each choose.
Kit Price is on sale for only $12.00
20% off through August 2010
(regular price is $15)
Kit Includes:
3 unfinished wood cubes
vinyl for all 3 seasons (Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving) in your choice of black, white, cream or chocolate brown
(one color choice for all three season/holidays)
To receive yours for free click here
How To Order:
One of my good friends has a monthly craft group each month and they make the Monthly Craft that I offer for that month at each party.  Well, they asked last month if I could come up with a Mother/Daughter craft for them….
So for the Mother/Daughter {or Son} craft this is what I came up with…
{they are all the rage right now aren’t they?!}
These cute little vinyl monograms could be hung on the wall in a cluster (if you have more than one child) or all by itself it would look great too.  They could even sit on a bookshelf or night stand.
We just redid our kids rooms—making a Big Kid room and a Little Kid room, so these worked out great to make all my big kids feel right at home in their new space, and I love the color it added to their wall.
(the little kids will have to wait just a few more days until Mommy finds a little bit more time to make theirs)
I modpodged coordinating paper on each piece of wood and then applied the vinyl.  Then I threaded a ribbon through the two holes and hot glued the two ends together and hid the glued part behind the board close to the hole.  This made a nice loop of ribbon to hang from a nail on the wall.  So simple and so cute!  If you plan to put yours on a table or shelf, then I would still loop ribbon through the two holes and then just tie it in a knot or cute bow on the front of the board.
{I think that is how I will do my two little girls monograms for their room} 
Kit Price is only $7.00
Kit Includes:
unfinished wood with predrilled holes on top
Vinyl in your color choice
Pick your colors for this craft here
Pick one color for the monogram and one color for the name*
*name will be all lower case unless you say to capitalize the first letter
The boy monogram will come in this design
and the girl monogram will be in this design
Completed Project size is 7″ x 6″
This would make a great birthday gift for your kids friends too.  Super quick and easy!
Do you want to recieve one for free?
just come to my craft night and bring a friend
Each month I have a craft night where you can come and make the monthly craft and take it home that night.  If you come to craft night this month and bring a friend (who purchases one of this month’s crafts –seasonal cubes or a monogram), then you will recieve one of the monogram kits for free!  Simple as that.


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