Fun October Crafts

I have already mentioned that I love Halloween…but have I mentioned that I really really really love Halloween decorations?!

They are just so fun and I had so many ideas running through my mind that this month has lots to choose from.
The first little craft just made me smile when I thought of what to do on the reverse side of the wood.  I was playing around with some different shapes trying to figure out how to build a pilgrim and then what in the world could I put on the back side of the wood with the brim of the pilgrim hat sticking out.  I was wondering if this would be a craft that didn’t have a reverse side {gasp!}.  Then I realized that I could turn him over and the brim of the hat would act as Frankenstein’s bolts coming out the sides of his neck.  Earlier in the month one of my faithful customers had asked me to draw a Frankenstein for a glass block, so I had this cute little Frankenstein face just sitting there begging to be used.  I was so excited…
So this is what I came up with
Here is the fun little Frankenstein…sitting on top of a block that says “SPOOKY” with a fun little spider danging from it’s web
{remember these pumpkins from last month…they are still on sale for just $14 for the set of three}
 This is the cute little pilgrim for the reverse side…sitting on top of a block that says “thanksgiving”.
I just hammered in some nails for the eyes and put a little bit of my lip gloss on for his rosy cheeks
{lip gloss is so much easier than using paint for that “rosy cheek” effect}
Kit includes:
-unfinished Pilgrim/Frankenstein
-unfinished base
-Thanksgiving and Spooky vinyl
-cream vinyl buckle for pilgrim hat
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
Kit Price  $13
on sale through Oct 2010–regular price is $16
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The next craft is so cute.  I have been showing this to everyone who has come to my house this week.  It turned out so fun.  I have been seeing “subway art” all over the Internet so I decided to try my hand at some…I think it turned out great.
This is also reversible {big surprise I know}
Halloween Side
Thanksgiving Side
How to do it?  So Simple…let me explain.
The picture above shows how you paint over the stencil, then once all the words have been painted on you remove the vinyl stencil – as pictured below
(use will have to use a toothpick or tweezers to remove the vinyl from the center of the “a” and “o”, ect.).
Once it is completely dry, sand the entire surface to give it a worn, handpainted vintage look.
The hardest part is trying where to decide to display it for everyone to see!
I love the fun colors for these boards!  I have so many more fun ideas for this type of craft running through my  head…
Kit Includes:
-12×12 unfinished board
-Halloween vinyl stencil
-Thanksgiving vinyl stencil
both stencils are used for the painting process and then removed
Kit Price $17
on sale through Oct 2010—regular price $20
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This next craft is super cute.
It is a little candy caddy.  A perfect place to keep Halloween candy in.
And yes it is reversible…
The backside says “Holiday treats”.  This way as soon as Halloween is over, you can flip this cute little box around and put some home-made carmels in it or other fun little holiday treats for family and friends to enjoy.
over all size 8″ tall (included the handle) and about 12″ wide
Kit includes:
-preassembled, unfinished wood box
-metal handle
-vinyl:  holiday treats and trick or treat
(vinyl color choices are black, white, cream and chocolate brown)
Kit Price $18.50
on sale through Oct. 2010—regular price $25
To Order:

 Autumn – Winter reversible blocks

One side says “autumn” with fun little falling leaves on one block
The reverse side says “winter” with a cute little snowman
Over all size 18″ x 7″
Kit includes:
set of 7 unfinished wood blocks
Autumn and Winter vinyl
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
Kit Price $12
on sale through Oct 2010—regular price is $15
To Order:
This next craft is one that I have been thinking of doing for several months, and I decided that I would offer it this month so you can decide if you still want to get the autumn/winter blocks when you see how cute these turned out.  They are a lot bigger than the autumn/winter blocks.
They are as wide as 24″ and as tall as 10″ depending on the layout of the blocks.
These blocks have vinyl on four sides so I was able to offer lots of options with these.
For each season you have two choices:
For Spring
you can pick to have your vinyl say “tulips” or “spring”
For Summer
you can pick to have it say “fun in the sun” or “summer”
For Autumn
you can pick between “Happy Harvest” or “Autumn”
Then for Winter
you can pick from “Let it Snow” or “Winter”
Kit includes:
-set of unfinished wooden blocks
-4 different vinyl layouts
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream, or chocolate brown)
Kit Price $29.50
on sale through November 2010—regular price $38
To Order:

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  1. Your blog looks awesome! And I love the pilgrim! The nails for eyes and the lip gloss cheeks were perfect! So cute!

  2. I swear you make the cutest things. I love the frankie and the pilgrim!!! Thanks so much for your nice comment- YOU ROCK!!!

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