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Halloween Wood Crafts

Things are getting spooky around here with these Halloween crafts!

As always, our crafts come unfinished which allows you the creative liscense to use whatever paper, ribbon, and sequins you want! We also offer our own paper kits with every order if you need some inspiration;) We’ve got a wide selection of decor that’s the perfect mix of bone-chilling and cute that we know will look oh so haunting in your home this Halloween season!

As good as they look, we strongly recommend not drinking whatever’s inside these Halloween potion bottles
The Halloween owl family is back and ready to help you feel the spirit of Halloween this season!

The witch and her little monsters reunite to charm your friends-especially Dracula with his toothy smile
Did you know Frankenstein has a wife? Well you do now! She’s alive!
You’re definitely getting more treat than trick with these adorable wood blocks
Our personal favorite: the Wooden Haunted House. We promise it’s not actually haunted… we think.
These wooden bats are a simple, easy way to decorate your home for Halloween and add that perfect touch of spooky

Halloween Gnomes

This Halloween season, we are showcasing a few of our favorite gnome Halloween looks! These wooden gnomes are unique because they give you the opportunity to practice your creative skills! Our wooden crafts come unfinished and ready to decorate with your choice of scrapbook paper-whether its our paper kits that we offer with every order,… Read More »

New Halloween Crafts!

A Witch and Her Little Monsters Item # CK893 Sale Price $28.00 This cute set is so fun and will definately get you in the spirit of Halloween!  This craft comes unfinished, so you can paint or modpodge scrapbook paper on to it to finish how you would like.   Wooden Ghost Letters Item #… Read More »

Super Saturday Crafts

If you are looking for cute and inexpensive Super Saturday craft projects, then you’ve found the right place! We have hundreds of different crafts to fit any budget! Most of our craft kit are $9.99-$16.00, but we have some as inexpensive as $2. Every craft comes with instructions too!

Haunted House Craft Kits

  We just added several new Halloween Crafts!!  I love these Haunted House ones 🙂 Click on each picture for pricing information and sizes.

Halloween Crafts

We have a huge selection of items for you to pick from for Super Saturday!  We have adorable Halloween, Thankgsgiving and Christmas crafts, and lots of great every day items too (those make perfect Christmas gifts!)  Take a peek at our newest Halloween crafts below

New Crafts!

You Are Home to Me Item # CK673 Sale Price $11.99   What a sweet sentiment for those you love!  This adorable craft kit comes complete with the candlestick base and finial  on top.  It is a perfect little addition to any hone decor!   Always Be Humble and Kind Item # CK675 Sale Price… Read More »

Fall and Halloween Crafts!

Harvest Letters {Acorn} Item # CK639 Sale Price $15.00   Fall harvest is upon us.  We have a bounty of fall crafts for you!  These are so cute!  The “a” is an adorable acorn.  The wooden letters come unfinished and ready for your creativity.  Finish them up with scrapbook paper or paint and then embellish… Read More »

Super Saturday Crafts! Wood Blocks & Wood Letters Perfect for the Fall and Winter months!

Mason Jar Lantern Holiday Decals Item # CK353 Sale Price $2.00 These adorable Mason Jar Lanterns are simple to make and don’t take much time at all. With the addition of a vinyl decal you can put your lanterns over the top adorable!   Mason Jar Halloween Decals Item # CK474 Sale Price $2.00   These… Read More »

New Halloween and Fall Crafts

Wooden Haunt Letters {Item # CK565} SPECIAL PRICE: $15.00 Order Now These are so fun to make and having a Haunted House as the “A” makes these letters simply adorable!  The wooden letters come unfinished and ready for your creativity.  Finish them up with scrapbook paper or paint and then embellish with ribbon, jute, etc. These… Read More »