Super Saturday Crafts

It is that time of year again when everyone is getting ready for Super Saturday, Fantastic Friday, Midnight Madness, or even just a Girls Night Out…

We have been working extra long for the last several weeks trying to get everything ready…and we finally have it all done.
To kick things off we are having a HUGE sale store wide for 20% off everything!
Sale is now thru November 15
{custom orders are not included}
Many Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas and Winter crafts are listed at an even BIGGER savings!
I am really excited about these crafts, some are favorites from past years and many of them are new for this year.  All these new crafts are on sale for $15 or less!!!
If you are in charge of your Super Saturday, then please contact us with questions.  We are more than happy to help email Janae at
Please keep in mind that we
need your order 2 weeks before your Super Saturday…
We have lots of Super Saturdays already scheduled for this year and are anticipating on it being our busiest year ever, so we need to keep things on a tight schedule.  If you will be placing an order for your Super Saturday, please email us and let us know the crafts you will be ordering and the date or your Super Saturday.
Please keep in mind that you can order anything from our website for your Super Saturday, this is just a quick reference for some fun new ideas we have.

Mini 4 sided stackers

{Item # CK339}

This fun craft kit can be rotated to feature four layouts.   Inspired by the larger version of these blocks found here.  Simply paint or decorate the wooden blocks with scrapbook paper and apply the vinyl lettering.  Rotate the blocks a quarter of a turn for each different holiday.

Unfinished Craft Kit includes:

  • 3 stacking blocks (4″, 5″, and 6″)
  • and vinyl (all four layouts pictured) in your color choice


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SPECIAL PRICE: $11.50 {Regular Price: $20.00}

Nativity Blocks

{Item # CK344}

This nativity set is adorable!  Simply paint the blocks, sand the edges, glue it all together, and tie it up with some jute or ribbon and you are done.

Quick and easy for a handmade gift. Buy one for each of your friends, because everyone knows a handmade gift is so fun to give and just as much fun to receive. Oh, and of course don’t forget one for you!

Nativity blocks together stand 6 1/2″ tall x 3″ wide

Each Nativity Kit Includes:

  • 2 sanded wooden blocks
  • 2 large round balls
  • 1 small round ball
  • 1 small thin board

SPECIAL PRICE: $8.50  {Regular Price: $13.00}

Christmas Scripture Verse

{Item # CK251}


This is an adorable way to show the true meaning of Christmas even in your decorating.  This would make a great Christmas gift too.

Apply the vinyl to the front of the glass of your frame.  First apply the vinyl star, then apply the olive green vinyl lettering, and last apply the red words in their place and your done.  The red words will come as one piece and you simply cut the words apart from each other and apply them in the correct spot.


Unfinished vinyl craft kit includes:

  •  Pale yellow vinyl star
  • brick red & olive green vinyl lettering

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SPECIAL PRICE: $14.40 {Regular Price: $18.00}

Rotating Photo Stand

{Item # CK322}

Don’t you just love looking through pictures and remembering all the fun moments that were “frozen” in that single photograph?! This rotating photo stand is such a darling way to display some of those memories for everyone to enjoy.
Each picture block can be spun around independantly from each other. The stand can display six pictures. Simply paint the blocks or apply some fun decorative paper and then modpodge some fun group pictures or individual portraits of your favorite people on each side of the wooden blocks. Then enjoy!
The photo stand sits 3.5″ wide and stands 12.5″ tall.
The top and bottom photo blocks are 2.5″ squares and the middle photo block is 2.5″ x 3.5″.  Wood is MDF.

Unfinished Photo Stand Project Includes:

  • three photo blocks
  • one dowel
  • three small round balls
  • one large round ball
  • one base


SPECIAL PRICE: $12.00 {Regular Price: $19.95}

Magnet Board Stand

{Item # CK341}
These magnet boards are great for many things.  This would be a perfect craft kit to have a few on hand for a last minute gift ideas that would make a great impression with anyone!  Add some paint or scrapbook paper, a few cute magnets, a couple of pictures or recipes and your your good to go!
The metal is galvanized and won’t rust over time, it will come its natural silver color, but looks great with spray paint like this or this.  The board is unfinished ready for some creativity!

Wood is MDF.

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • one 8×7 metal sheet
  • one 3 1/2″ x 8″ unfinished wooden block with groove cut into it
  • vinyl in chosen layout

You have the option to not get any vinyl lettering and you will just be charged for the metal sheet and wooden board.

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SPECIAL PRICE: $8.50 {Regular Price: $12.00}

Quad Photo Board

{Item # CK342}

This is a cute way to display your photos.  This board has the look of 4 blocks all stacked together, but it is made out of a single board. This craft project comes unfinished ready for you to paint and add pictures.

Unfinished vinyl craft project includes:

  • one 8×8 unfinished quad board
SPECIAL PRICE: $5.60 {Regular Price: $7.00}

Family Quad Squares

{Item # CK305}

This is the same board as pictured above, but you can customize it.   This craft project comes unfinished ready for you to paint or add scrapbook paper for extra color and design.  You can choose to leave off some of the vinyl and replace it with pictures too!

Unfinished vinyl craft project includes:

  • one 8×8 unfinished quad board
  • custom vinyl lettering
SPECIAL PRICE: $8.00 {Regular Price: $10.00}

Halloween Countdown

{Item # CK333}

This fun Halloween countdown will be a fun way for your kids to keep track of how many more days until they can wear that amazing costume you have for them.  Sure they are excited for the candy too, but at our house it is always about the costumes!

The metal is galvanized so it won’t rust over time.  Spray paint the metal a fun, spooky, Halloween color and then add the vinyl #’s.  Paint or modpodge some paper onto the wooden base and apply the vinyl, and you are set!

Add on the cute little spider magnet too for just $2 more

Wood is MDF.

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • one 8×7 metal sheet (comes in the natural silver color)
  • one 3 1/2″ x 8″ unfinished wooden block with groove cut into it
  • white vinyl numbered countdown
  • black vinyl “Spooky Countdown”

If you order the magnet too it includes:

  • unfinished wooden block
  • one magnet
  • black vinyl spider

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SPECIAL PRICE: $12.00 {Regular Price: $20.00}

If you want a Christmas Countdown similar to the one pictured above, you are in luck!

Christmas Countdown

{Item # CK340}

This fun Christmas countdown will be a fun way for your kids to keep track of how many more days until Santa comes.

SPECIAL PRICE: $12.00 {Regular Price: $20.00}

Grooved Pumpkin Trio

{Item # CK332}

These adorable pumpkins come as a set of three.  They are unfinished and ready for some creativity.  Paint them the normal orange or a try a fun unexpected color!

Once the pumpkins are painted, glue the stem in the pre-drilled hole and dress up with some wire or ribbon to finish it off.

Sweet and simple.

The finished pumpkins range in height from about 4″ to 6″ tall.

Wood is MDF.

Unfinished Pumpkin Project Includes:

  • three unfinished, grooved pumpkin blocks (with holes pre-drilled for stems)
  • three unfinished wooden dowels
SPECIAL PRICE: $10.00 {Regular Price: $16.00}
Now is time for some reversible crafts, in true Thoughts in Vinyl style!  If you have been to our site before, then you know I love reversible crafts!

Reversible Frankenstein & Pilgrim blocks

{Item # CK331}

 A similar version can be found here

The geneous part behind these blocks is how they are reversible.  You simply decorate one side up as a pilgrim, complete with a hat (gold buckle and all).  Then you flip the pilgrim upside down (so he is sitting on the top of his head), and then turn it around so you see the back side.  Then you decorate that side up as Frankenstein, and the pilgrim hat brim that peeks out on either side of Franky’s head is the “bolts” on Frankenstein’s neck.  So smart and so fun!

The finished blocks sit about 5 1/2″ tall x 8″ wide.

Wood is MDF.

Unfinished Craft Kit includes: 

  • four unfinished wooden blocks
  • black vinyl pilgrim face
  • gold vinyl buckle (for the pilgrim’s hat)
  • vinyl “Give Thanks” and “Halloween” (vinyl color of your choice)
  • black vinyl Frankenstein face
SPECIAL PRICE: $12.00 {Regular Price: $17.50}

Reversible Seasonal blocks {you pick two layouts}

{Item # CK330}

This fun craft kit is reversible to feature the two seasons that you pick.  Order two sets to have all four seasons.  This is a mini version to Item # CK183

Over all size is about 5″ tall x 8″ wide.
Unfinished Craft Kit includes: 
 All kits include one set of 3 unfinished wooden blocks and your choice of two of the following seasons:
  • Spring kit includes: 2 nails for eyes, orange vinyl beak and feet, and “Spring” vinyl
  • Summer kit includes: thin board for watermelon, and “Spring” vinyl
  • Autumn kit includes: 2 nails for eyes, orange vinyl beak, “Autumn” vinyl
  • Winter kit includes: 2 nails for eyes, orange vinyl nose, black vinyl mouth, and “Winter” vinyl

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SPECIAL PRICE: $12.00 { Regular Price: $17.50}
We have several fun 9×6 plaques for each month throughout the year… a few of these are brand new to the product line sneaking in at only $8 each
just click on the image to order yours
Since it is September and all, I can’t do a blog post without some Halloween crafts 🙂
click on the image below for prices and details {prices range from $7 – $11}
Wow, I really could keep going and going with craft kits for this time of year, but this will give you a start.  Please email me if you have any questions.