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Creative unfinished craft kits. Many are reversible.

One more 4th of July craft {the seasonal plaque}

It was quite the process to finally get this months plaque…
I was having the wooden shapes cut by another company (to save my awesome hubby hours and hours of time by cutting them out himself).  After I had the first batch of shapes cut, I went in to pick up another fun craft idea I had in mind and the price had almost quadrupled!!
I searched for another company to cut the shapes out and thought I had found one, but after 7 weeks of waiting for the new shapes I wanted they just emailed me back yesterday and said that their machine couldn’t cut the shapes out after all.
So I brainstormed up this super cute idea from a simple shape that my husband won’t mind cutting out lots and lots of.
Flag Plaque
Item # CK205
I think this is cuter than the original idea I have been waiting 7 weeks for anyway!
This plaque can be reversible simply by doing a previous month or a future month’s wooden shape and vinyl on the reverse side.
The wooden stand is sold separately.
If you have purchase a previous month’s plaque and don’t need the 9×6 board, then you can opt to not purchase it.
If you need to buy the 9×6 board, then it is only $1.
You also have the option to purchase the wooden stand this plaque sits in for $3.
You can use this stand all year long as we will offer a new plaque almost every month.
Kit Price
$7.75 without 9×6 board
$8.75 with 9×6 board
{regular price is $11.25 with the board and $10.25 without–on sale thru July 10, 2011}
*Add $3 if you want to purchase the unfinished wooden stand*
Kit includes:
unfinished wooden flag shape
cream/beige vinyl flag
“Old Glory” vinyl lettering in your color choice
{black, white, cream or chocolate brown}
instruction sheet
Additional Items included if purchased:
unfinished 9×6 board — $1
unfinished wooden stand — $3
To Order:
These are all the other plaques we have offered this year:

St. Patrick’s Day Craft Kits…with a little bit of Spring and Easter thrown in too!

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Holiday block 8×8

This little holiday block is so inexpensive and so cute!!  It is such a cute Autumn decoration!  {I find my self admiring mine all the time} I modpodged some scrapbook paper on both pieces of wood, then attached the smaller piece of wood with upholstery nails (I found a box of 25 at Lowes for $1)…. Read More »