Super Saturday Crafts

It is that time of year again when everyone is getting ready for Super Saturday, Fantastic Friday, Midnight Madness, or even just a Girls Night Out…

We have been working extra long for the last several weeks trying to get everything ready…and we finally have it all done.

To kick things off we are having a HUGE sale store wide for 20% off everything!

Sale is now thru November 15
{custom orders are not included}
Many Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas and Winter crafts are listed at an even BIGGER savings some are close to 50% off!
I am really excited about these crafts, some are favorites from past years and many of them are new for this year.  All these new crafts are on sale for $13.50 or less with the exception of one craft!!!
If you are in charge of your Super Saturday, then please contact us with questions.  We are more than happy to help email Janae at
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Please keep in mind that we

need your order 2 weeks before your Super Saturday…


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We have lots of Super Saturdays already scheduled for this year and are anticipating on it being another very busy year, so we need to keep things on a tight schedule.  If you will be placing an order for your Super Saturday, please email us and let us know the crafts you will be ordering and the date or your Super Saturday.
Please keep in mind that you can order anything from our website for your Super Saturday, this is just a quick reference for some fun new ideas we have.

Mason Jar Lantern Holiday Decals

{Item # CK353}



These adorable Mason Jar Lanterns are simple to make and don’t take much time at all.  With the addition of a vinyl decal you can put your lanterns over the top adorable!  Pick from brick red JOY or brown Give Thanks.

First spray paint a mason jar (we used a Quart Size Jar) with frosted glass spray paint like this.  Apply 3-4 coats of the frosted glass spray paint.

Once the paint is dry, apply the vinyl decal.

Then wrap some heavy gauge wire around your jar to create a handle, and emeblish with ribbon.

Add a tea light and your done.

Mason Jar not included.  Purchase is for vinyl only.


Mini Seasonal Blocks

{Item # CK373}



You will be able to finish this craft with your own personality! Paint or modpodge scrapbook paper onto it to fit in with your own style and taste.

If purchased, the blocks come unfinished.  Simply paint them or modpodge some fun colorful scrapbook paper onto each block and then apply the vinyl.

Overall size of the craft is about 8 1/2″ wide x 4″ tall.

To make your blocks reversible:

make sure to order only ONE set of blocks and two vinyl layouts (from the CK373 series, pictured below in the related products).  You will be asked if you want to include the unfinished blocks with your purchase, and on one item say yes and on one item say no.  That way you get two vinyl layouts and one set of blocks.

Unfinished Kit Includes:

vinyl lettering and wooden blocks (if purchased)

Mini 4 sided stackers

{Halloween to Valentine’s}

{Item # CK339}




Mini 4 sided stackers {Christmas – Easter}

{Item # CK354}




This fun craft kit can be rotated to feature four layouts.   Inspired by the larger version of these blocks found here.  Simply paint or decorate the wooden blocks with scrapbook paper and apply the vinyl lettering.  Rotate the blocks a quarter of a turn for each different holiday.

This combination of holidays is perfect for Christmas gifts!

Unfinished Craft Kit includes:

3 stacking blocks (4″, 5″, and 6″) and vinyl (all four layouts pictured) in your color choice


Vinyl layouts for 8 x 10 frames…

only $8.50 each!

Click on the picture below to order.

Reversible Frankenstein & Pilgrim Blocks

{Item # CK331}




The clever idea behind these blocks is how they are reversible.  You simply decorate one side up as a pilgrim, complete with a hat (gold buckle and all).  Then you flip the pilgrim upside down (so he is sitting on the top of his head), and then turn it around so you see the back side.  Then you decorate that side up as Frankenstein, and the pilgrim hat brim that peeks out on either side of Franky’s head is the “bolts” on Frankenstein’s neck.  So smart and so fun!

The finished blocks sit about 5 1/2″ tall x 8″ wide.

All of these adorable wooden letter kits…

only $13.50!

Click on the picture to order.

Super cute and fun holiday plaques for only $8.00!

Click on the layouts below to order.





Christmas Tree

Darling HOME wooden letters with interchangeable wooden shapes…

only $13.50 for the letters and shape, or $7.50 for just the “o” shape!

Click on the picture to order.

{Item # CK418}

Since these are interchangeable, you only need to buy one set of letters, and then you can buy as many other of the interchangeable “O” shapes as you would like.

Wooden Nativity Blocks

{Item # CK344}


Order Now

This nativity set is adorable!  Simply paint the blocks, sand the edges, glue it all together, and tie it up with some jute or ribbon and you are done.  

Quick and easy for a handmade gift. Buy one for each of your friends, because everyone knows a handmade gift is so fun to give and just as much fun to receive. Oh, and of course don’t forget one for you!

Nativity blocks together stand 6 1/2″ tall x 3″ wide


This year we added on the wooden star to stand behind the nativity blocks.  This can be added to your purchase.  The star stand comes with a wooden base, dowel, and star.


Pilgrim Figures



These Pilgrims come unfinished and ready for your creativity.  Decorate them with paint or scrapbook paper and then you can even embelish them jute or raffia. Each pilgrim consists of 3 wooden pieces.
You can pick to order either the boy or girl pilgrim or order the set.  If you order the set then you will get all 6 pieces, if you order only one then you will get the pieces for the boy or girl depending on which one you pick.
The boy pilgrim is 2 1/4″ wide x 4 1/4″ tall and the girl pilgrim is 2 1/4″ wide x 3 3/4″ tall
They are 1 1/8″ thick so they won’t tip over

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • wooden pilgrim body shape (pick either Boy or Girl)
  • wooden pilgrim hat brim
  • wooden pilgrim shirt collar

Fun Layered Plaques for only $8.00!

Click on the picture to order

Fun Holiday Countdowns for only $12.00!

Click on the picture to order.









Grooved Pumpkin Trio

{Item # CK332}



These adorable pumpkins come as a set of three.  They are unfinished and ready for some creativity.  Paint them the normal orange or a try a fun unexpected color!

Once the pumpkins are painted, glue the stem in the pre-drilled hole and dress up with some wire or ribbon to finish it off.

Sweet and simple.

The finished pumpkins range in height from about 4″ to 6″ tall.

Tree Trio

{Item # CK446}


This cute set of unfinished trees is ready for your creativity.  Finish up the trees with paint or scrapbook paper.  Two trees comes with a grooved detail cut into the wood for added depth and character.
The tall tree is 5″ x 9 3/4″, the medium tree is 4 1/4″ x 8″, and the small tree is 4 3/4″ x 6 3/4″.
The trees are 1 1/8″ thick so they won’t tip over

Unfinished Craft Kit Includes:

  • three unfinished trees

Grandkids Brag Board

{Item # CK405}


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Fun way for Grandparents to display photos of their grandchildren.  Great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift!   This is the perfect size for a desk or counter.  It would look great sitting on a mantel or shelf too!

This craft project comes unfinished ready for you to paint or add scrapbook paper for extra color and design.

Unfinished Craft Project includes:

  • unfinished wooden board
  • vinyl lettering
  • 6 clothes pins

Board measures 10″ x 3 1/2″ 

Simple and cute little holiday plaques for just $5.00!

Click on the link below to order.

The Witch Is In

Give Thanks

Deck the Halls

Wise Men Still Seek Him