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Creative unfinished craft kits. Many are reversible.

More fun Halloween and Thanksgiving Craft Kits

We also offer free crafts and 10% back to craft group hosts. If you are interested in hosting a craft group click here for details.

It makes a fun girls night out and you get to make your crafts for free!

With school back in full swing fall is fast approaching.  I still can’t believe summer break is over. 

I am excited for Fall, for the changing colors and the fun holidays that will soon be here.  I love getting out my fall decorations…maybe it is because I love the Fall colors…I am not quite sure.

These first two crafts were ones that we offered last year…and they were a huge hit, so we are offering them again at a discounted price.

As usual, this first craft is reversible {I can’t resist making something reversible} and this craft just makes me smile at how creative my little brain can occasionally be…trust me, I don’t feel like this happens very often.

The first side is this super cute Frankenstein face…and the word “SPOOKY” with a little spider dangling down from a web.

Then you flip Franky around and turn him upside down to make this fun little pilgrim.  The bolts from Frankenstein’s neck are actually part of the brim from the pilgrim’s hat.

Kit includes:
unfinished wooden Pilgrim/Frankenstein head
unfinished wooden base
vinyl lettering “thanksgiving” and “spooky”
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
cream vinyl buckle for pilgrim hat
black vinyl Frankenstein face
2 nails for pilgrims eyes
instruction sheet

Kit Price $13
thru 11-30-11  reg. price is $16.50

To Order:
{Reversible Frankenstein/Pilgrim}
Item # CK152


This next craft is great because it can be left up for all the Autumn months.  During the Halloween, you can show the back side without the vinyl lettering, and then flip it around to show the cute Fall sayings.

Kit Includes:
3 pre-assembled pumpkins
vinyl (black, white, cream or chocolate brown)

Kit Price $14 if you need it shipped
or only $13 if you pick it up (local customers–Idaho Falls area)
sale price thru 11-30-11 reg price is $17

To Order:
{Pumpkin Trio}
Item # CK134

This next craft has two different layouts you can pick from this month…or if you want you can pick both of them!  I love the details on this board.  It looks as though it is several different blocks stacked together, but it is just one large (5×12) board with grooves cut through it.

Kit Includes:
one unfinished wooden grooved board
one vinyl layout

Kit Price Only $11.50
thru 11-30-11 reg price $15

To Order:
{Witch or Zombie Grooved Board}
Item # CK218

This next craft you can pick two different layouts to make your own reversible block set. 

Kit Includes:
set of three unfinished blocks
2 thin boards
8 decorative nails
two different vinyl lettering options
(Autumn layout, Halloween layout or Thanksgiving layout)

Kit Price only $15
thru 11-30-11 — reg. price is $18

To Order:
{Reversible Block Set}
Item # CK216

This next craft is similar to ones I have offered in the past months.  However I have typically just painted the board one solid color.  This time I thought it would be fun to modpodge scrapbook paper on the to board and “highlight” one of the words with a different colored piece of paper.

I really like how they turned out.

You can pick two different layouts from below to make your own reversible word art board.

This is the Halloween layout

This is the Autumn layout

This is the Thanksgiving layout

Kit Includes:
one 12×8 board
Pick 2 vinyl layouts:
Halloween, Thanksgiving or Autumn
(vinyl color choices: black, cream, white, or chocolate brown)

the wooden stand is available for an additional $3

Kit Price Only $13.50
thru 11-30-11 reg price is $17

To Order:
{Reversible Word Art}
Item # CK217

This year we have offered a cute little plaque for almost every month. They have been really fun to make and I love switching mine out with each month’s new holiday/season.

We offer one layout at a time, so you can make your plaque reversible by simply buying two different layouts.

This is what we have offered in the past months:
just click on the month to see the details

January {heart plaque}
February {shamrock plaque}
March {bunny plaque}
April {tulip plaque}
June {flag plaque}
July {watermelon plaque}
August {apple plaque}
September {Frankenstein plaque}
October {pumpkin plaque}
October {pilgrim plaque}

This months plaque turned out really cute.  I just love this little Frankenstein face!

The square board that you apply the vinyl Frankenstein face is pre-drilled so you can hammer in the nails, for the “bolts” on the sides of his neck.

Kit Price:
$7.75 without 9×6 board
$8.75 with 9×6 board
{regular price is $11.25 with the board and $10.25 without–on sale thru 11-30-11}
Kit includes:
black Frankenstein face
1 unfinished board (9″ x 6″)
Vinyl lettering (Trick or Treat)
unfinished wooden square for Frankenstein’s face
 two nails
instruction sheet
To Order:
{Frankenstein Plaque}
Item # CK219
It seems you can find subway art everywhere now.  I love how weathered these look with the layers of different colored paints. 
This subway art board is reversible.  One side features Halloween and the reverse side is Thanksgiving.
To create this look, the vinyl is used as a stencil and you hand paint each word, then remove the vinyl leaving behind a hand painted finish.
 Click here for a tutorial on how to make this craft.
Above is the Halloween side
and below is the Thanksgiving side
Kit Price: $17
on sale thru 11-30-11  reg price is $20
Kit Includes:
one unfinished 12×12 wooden board
Halloween vinyl stencil
Thanksgiving vinyl stencil
instruction sheet
You can buy a wooden stand separately for $3
To Order:
{Reversible Subway Art — Halloween/Thanksgiving}
Item # CK163
This next craft is so simple and so cute.  I love these fun layouts!
This craft you can decide if you want to make it reversible or not…if you want it reversible, then purchase two vinyl layouts and only one board.
The wooden stand is also available for $3

Kit includes:
1 unfinished board (7″ x 6″)
one Vinyl lettering layout 
Kit Price:

wooden stand is available for an additional $3
To Order:
{Seasonal Plaque}
Item # CK223
*If you are ordering this craft to be reversible, then order one layout with the board and then order the second layout without the board, that way you only buy one board, but receive vinyl for each side*
This craft is has fun pictures and words for three different holidays/seasons.  You utilize all six sides of each cube to create this craft.
Click here for a tutorial on how to make this craft

You get to pick which three layouts you want for your blocks!
Kit Price: $13.50
sale price thru 11-30-11
Kit Includes:
3 unfinished wood cubes
three layouts of your choice
vinyl color choice of black, white, cream or chocolate brown
(one color choice for all three season/holidays)
To Order:
Seasonal Cubes
Item # CK124

More Craft kits (Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day)

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