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More Craft Kits {Father’s Day Crafts and Summer Crafts}

This last week has been a whirlwind of making crafts for a local craft store that does seasonal shows, but I found time to squeeze in a few hours to put together some new craft kits for this month.
Father’s Day is June 19th, so I wanted to give all of you plenty time to put together some fun crafts for the wonderful men in your life.
This first craft is one that was first introduced last year, but we have added another feature to it:

Rotating Photo Cube Stand

(item # CK122)
So fun and such a great way to display your favorite photos.
2 cubes will display 8 photos cut down to about 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″
We decided to make it a little bit bigger…for those of you with more kids or those of you that want to display more photos.  It is now also available with three photo cubes as shown below.
3 cubes will display 12 photos cut down to about 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″
Kit Includes:
pre-assembled unfinished photo stand
2 (or 3) unfinished wooden cubes
“memories” vinyl for front side of stand
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
Kit Price:
2 photo cube stand is only $15
3 photo cube stand is $20
(on sale thru 6-10-11, regular price is $19 and $24 respectively)
 To Order:
This next craft evolved quite a bit from the idea in my head to the finished product and I love how it turned out.
Photo Board
{We love our Dad / We love our Grandpa}
Item # CK195
I love the detail the bead board adds to this craft.  I painted my board with two coats of black paint, then sanded the edges and the grooves of the bead board, then I rubbed a dark oak stain over the top of the board.
(When you sand the grooves of the bead board, it shows the white coating that is on the surface of the bead board, but the stain covered up all the white marks as well as the little scratches that the sandpaper left on the surface of the board)
If you are making this for your own dad or Father-in-law, then you can choose the
“We love our Grandpa” option as shown below
Kit includes:
6×12 board covered with bead board on the front side
two thin boards
(the square one is for the picture and the rectangle one is for the vinyl)
Vinyl–We love our Dad or We love our Grandpa
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream, or chocolate brown)
*nails are not included with this craft
when you hammer through three different layers of wood the nails tend to bend (a lot!) and you need to pull them out and use a new one,
so I felt it was best to suggest you either purchase your own box of upholstery tacks (so you have several extras on hand)
or you simply glue the picture board and vinyl lettering board to the main board
Kit Price:
(sale price is extended thru 6-10-11, reg. price is $15)
To Order:
Hero Plaque
(Item # CK196)
I love this saying.
It would even be cute in your little boy’s or girl’s bedroom next to a picture of their Dad.
Kit includes:
unfinished 8×12 board
Vinyl lettering in your color choice
(black, white, cream, or chocolate brown)
Kit Price:
only $9 thru 6-10-11
(regular price after sale ends is $10)
How To Order:
This next craft is one that I made several years ago, but I have never offered it as a monthly craft.  It has several different layouts to choose from.
Large Trio Blocks
(Item # CK197)
Over all size of this craft is about 14″ wide x 9″ tall
Kit Price:
only $12
you can add $7 if you want another vinyl layout
on the reverse side of your blocks
Kit Includes:
set of 3 unfinished blocks
Your chosen vinyl layout from options shown above
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream, or chocolate brown)
How To Order:
These fun seasonal cubes are on sale again too!
 Seasonal Cubes
(item # CK124)
Kit Price $13
(sale lasts thru 6-10-11, regular price is $16)
Kit Includes:
set of three unfinished wooden cubes
 three Vinyl layouts
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream, or chocolate brown)
How To Order:


This next craft makes a fun addition to your other seasonal crafts that you might already have.

Holiday Blocks

(item #CK280)
You pick the two layouts you want!
One side of this craft says “summer time” with a cute little graphic watermelon slice
Here it is next to a set of matching stackers found here
Kit Price only $10
regular price is $12–sale ends 6-10-11
Kit Includes:
one square 7×7 board
two thin boards
8 nails
Vinyl for both sides as pictured
(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream and chocolate brown)
please pick one color for both sides
 How To Order:

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