Thanksgiving Crafts!

ck703-thankful-grateful-blePumpkin Stack

Item # CK703

Sale Price $9.99



This darling stackable pumpkin is simple and sweet.  You can use the included block for the stem or cut a tree branch and glue it on top for a fun fall accent!



So Very Thankfulck704-so-very-thankful

Item # CK704

Sale Price $9.99


This craft perfectly states the feelings of the heart.  It is so beautiful and simple to make. This craft is a great reminder for the holiday season!



ck651-thanks-giving-lThanksgiving Wood Letters

Item # CK651

Sale Price $17.50


This letter set is just the perfect piece for your holiday decorating!  The letters can be painted or you can modpodge scrapbook paper to the letters for more character.



Seasonal Block Set {Gather}ck216-gather

Item # CK 216

Sale Price $11.00


We have recently updated this popular craft.   We have added fun new fonts to every layout!  We have 12 different layouts so if you like this craft, you can find one for other holidays and seasons.


Happy Thanksgiving Turkeyck689-happy-thanksgiving

Item # CK689

Sale Price $15.00


This is adorable! The wooden pieces comes unfinished and ready for your creativity. Finish with scrapbook paper or paint and then embellish. These would be so much fun to do with a group of friends!


ck590-gobbleGobble Wooden Letters

Item # CK590

Sale Price $16.50



These adorable gobble letters will make you and your guests smile this holiday season!  If finding paper for this craft is overwhelming, you can purchase a paper kit for this craft!  Many of our craft kits now have optional paper kits you can purchase.




ck542-tall-pilgrimsTall Pilgrim Figures

Item # CK 542

Sale Price $13.50


These humble pilgrims are perfect for the Thanksgiving season.  They would make a great addition to your holiday decor!


ck615-give-thanksStacking Blocks {Give Thanks}

Item # CK615

Sale Price $10.00




These stacking blocks couldn’t be any simpler!  Just paint the blocks and apply the vinyl.  Or you could modpodge scrapbook paper for more personality.  We even have paper kits available for this craft!  And there are layouts for nearly every holiday and season!



ck639-harvest-acornHarvest Letters {Acorn}

Item # CK639

Sale Price $16.00


These are so cute!  The “a” has been replaced with an acorn and all the fun fall papers put this letter set over the top cute for the fall season!



Item # CK635

Sale Price $9.99



You have a few options for finishing this craft:

  • You can paint the board with a color that fits in with your own decor and style, and then apply the vinyl lettering.
  • Or you can paint the board whatever color you want the wording to be (on the sample we did off white), allow the paint to dry, and then apply the vinyl.  Then paint over the top of the board and vinyl lettering (on the sample we painted it dark gray).  Once the paint dries, peel off the vinyl lettering and lightly sand the board until you reach the desired “distressed look” you are going for. In this process it doesn’t matter what color of vinyl you choose, as you peel it off and throw it away in the end.




Interchangeable Home Letters

Item # CK418

HME Letters Sale Price $16.00

Interchangeable inserts Sale Price $7.50


This craft comes unfinished.  To finish this craft, you simply paint the wooden shapes or mod podge with scrapbook paper.  Glue the pieces together (if necessary) and then embellish.

These would be so much fun to do with a group of friends!





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